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iWisoft Flash SWF Downloader is a Flash content downloader
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iWisoft Flash SWF Downloader is a Flash content downloader. It is an application that can be used to download Flash content from websites to your computer. It can't be downloaded individually. But you can get it downloading SWF to Video Converter. The downloader is absolutely free and it works well.

To access it, you can simply open it from the start menu or from the button in the SWF to Video converter.

Now, iWisoft Flash SWF Downloader doesn't really work for downloading FLV videos from sites like YouTube. On the other hand, it works pretty well for Flash animations, menus, galleries, etc. To download any of those, you have to paste the URL of the website where those are located into the URL Address field. The application will then look for SWF files on the website for thirty seconds. You can increase or decrease the number of seconds that the application spends looking for files, but if you decrease it too much, you might miss some files.

The downloader successfully downloads .SWF files that you can later play on any FLV/SWF player. You could even download full sites if they are contained in a single .SWF file.

All in all, this app is good for downloading animations and flash content like that, but it really isn't made for downloading video. It is a very basic application, but it is very quick.

José Fernández
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